What is Motivation?

Goal Setting – Making Your Dreams Come True

“Your dream is the path between the person you are, and the person you hope to become.”

Let me tell you about a man who had a dream. His name was Tom. He was an insurance salesman. His dream was to write a novel. He often told himself, “Someday I’ll do it.”

But life just went on and on, day after day, year after year… and he did not do any writing or get any closer to following his dream. That is the same way the majority of people in the world go through life. After years of routine monotony, time runs out, their short lives are over and their dreams turn to dust. It’ sad but true.

10 Time Management Tips

Are you busy? Could you use some more time in each day? I think we all could.

Would it help to buy some fancy time management system, software, training, courses or seminars?

Maybe, maybe not. We can try all of the different time management systems and tips we want but we will never see results unless we avoid some of the biggest and most obvious drains on our time.

The Law of The Harvest

At various times in my life I have lived on a farm, and I guess at heart I’m a country boy. One important lesson I have learned from living on the land is “the law of the harvest.” As you sow, so shall you reap.

In order to have an abundant crop this year, you have to follow particular steps, in order. You have to cultivate and prepare the ground. You have to plant and sow the seeds. You have to water and tend to your growing plants. Finally, you have to bring in the harvest at the right time and put it in a safe place.

The Magic Power of an “Attitude of Gratitude”

The morning alarm clock came on, playing some good music.  With eyes closed, the man reached out and tapped the snooze button, then enjoyed a few more minutes of rest in his comfortable bed.

Next to the bed there was a window where he could see the sunrise.  As the first rays of the morning sun shone on his face, one eye lazily opened to view the beautiful painting in the sky.

Improve Your Social Relationships – A Relationship Advice

Who should you ask for relationship advice? Getting the wrong advice can make matters worse. Do you ask the friend with the seemingly happy relationship? Or the one who survived a breakup and knows what not to do? The fact is, both kinds of people have some useful information to share.

Some relationship advice that never fails is, when you are talking to someone, ask yourself “Are my words and actions loving and kind?” You can’t go wrong there.

How to Make or Break a Habit – Case Study

So as a health experiment, I tried to give up caffeine.

It was the worst day of my life!

I’m just kidding about it being one day, but seriously, I did give it up for three long months, and I managed to survive (barely). —Update— I finally did give up caffeinated coffee (I still enjoy a cup of decaf coffee now and then.) I miss the caffeine sometimes in the mornings of course, but my health is much improved.

How to Become a Motivational Speaker

Being a motivational speaker is the culmination of another profession or line of specialty, oftentimes of authorship and coaching. Therefore, it comes with a lot of prerequisites that you have to do and master at some point to reach your desired destination. Nobody becomes a motivational speaker in a snap. The best ones in the world built their reputation for years before they were able to start filling venues to the brim. Along with that are promotional and networking efforts to help them spread the news of their expertise.

Start Developing Self Esteem With These 2 Easy Steps

Developing self esteem depends on you. While it’s nice to get an esteem boost from others once in awhile, ultimately it’s up to you to change your self talk and develop a positive attitude about yourself and your abilities. Depending on others for developing self esteem is taking your own power and handing it to everyone else you come into contact with. It’s time to take your power back!