What is Motivation?

Keep Your Tank Full – Motivational Tip

If you drive car until your gas tank is empty you run out of gas and end up on the side of the road or the middle of traffic. So in order not to run out of gas you periodically take time to stop into a gas station and fill your tank up with gas. Some people fill the tank up with gas some maybe a half or quarter tank and some maybe just whatever is left in their pocket hopefully enough to get them to their destination. Some will put the top of the line Premium gas with all the fuel additives and cleaners , some will get the mid grade and some the lower grader regular unleaded.  Money, Education, Pride all play a factor in the type of fuel people put in their cars. Perceived value if someone drives a high performance sports car I wouldn’t think they would put low grade fuel in the car and take the chance of damaging a very expensive engine.

But you never know?

The better quality gas you put in your car the better car is going to run, the more mileage you are going to get per gallon and the longer your engine is going to last.

The same story works for your physical body, 2-3 times per day you take the time to stop and eat food which is fuel for your body.  Like the car if you don’t put the fuel in your body than you literally run out of gas “energy” you get tired and sluggish and you want to pull over and take a rest or sleep. Some people may eat the right food and the healthy food to keep their body looking and feeling good and performing at maximum efficiency. Others will grab something quick that’s full of calories and fat. You’ve heard it said your body is your temple where you going to live if your body wears out?

Which brings to another tank that you need to keep fueled up and that’s the tank of your mind your mental tank.  Especially being an entrepreneur, business owner etc. It’s imperative that you feed your mental fuel tank so that you can stay sharp, focus and on top of your game. Life itself can be very stressful add on to that the demands that your work and career add to it and it’s not a good situation. The fact is this is the most neglected tank and the one that most often runs on empty.  Mostly due to ignorance, people just don’t know how or where to get the information or maybe they know but they just don’t believe in self motivation or personal development and third, they know how and where they just do not take the time to fill their mental tank.

My suggestion if you are in the third category is that you set your alarm clock if you still use one I personally do not I wake up when I’m finished sleeping which is normally way before most people set their alarms for anyway! But set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and after your inspirational time which is spiritual time whatever that means or is to you take 20 to 30 minutes to read or listen to a positive self improvement or personal development book or cd program.  If you have no books or cds I’m about to give you a tip on how you can get started absolutely for free at once.

Google search or Youtube search the keywords motivation or personal development, or for leaders and trainers who you now the names of like, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins , John C. Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Harvey McKay and you will find a plethora of great articles videos etc.  Also you can visit my web show for videos from some of my personal favorite leaders, trainers and speakers on these subjects!