What is Motivation?

What Can Meditation Mean to Me?

Meditating is an extremely effective way to get a deeper understanding of ourselves and the deeper dimensions of ourselves, but it also teaches us better ways of dealing with our daily problems. You will get less disturbed by old and new problems and you become a more balanced person who achieves what he wants to achieve. We are already perfect and the solutions are to be found within ourselves.

Everybody experiences once in a while a moment in which you find yourself in a situation of deep relaxation, satisfaction and consciousness. Our daily worries are gone, our mind is clear and focussed and we are one with the present, with the moment. That is the essence of Meditation!!!! By means of practising Meditation we learn how to return to the condition described above whenever we want to. Then we do not have to depend on a beautiful sundown, being in love, or a great achievement in sports to be able to experience more of such moments of happiness. By means of Meditation we can also learn to relax quickly and effectively, to improve our power of concentration and to develop a deep sensation of satisfaction and happiness. Meditation is an exceptionally effective technique to bring your personal and professional life to a higher level. No matter what you do, with Meditation you do it better.

Meditation techniques are successfully used to:

  • learn how to relax
  • relieve stress and tension
  • improve health and speed up recovery
  • improve focus and concentration
  • develop self-awareness and personal growth
  • improve your creativity
  • grow mentally

When we start to practice Meditating and the philosophy of Meditating in our daily lives we suffer less from unnecessary and unpleasant and frustrating negative trains of thought. We will live more in the NOW. Besides we get a closer contact with our feelings and as a result of this we will more often make the right choices and do what we really want to do. In the third place we will get healthier and more energetic because we lose less energy on useless things , we can relax better and will not suffer from so much stress any more. In the fourth place we will be more successful at our work because we will feel better at home in our work, we will do our work with greater concentration and creative brainwaves will be less blocked up by our continuous stream of thoughts. In the fifth place we will become more pleasant and more peaceful persons because we feel better and we can control our emotions and our streams of thought better. In the sixth place we will become more active in whatever situation we come across and we will more often be successful in getting happiness, making the right decisions and acquiring success and respect. As we get to know more about ourselves through Meditation, we begin to realise that we are responsible for our own happiness and we are no longer the victims of the circumstances in which we live ( the words of G. Allica ). Finally: all these changes will certainly be noticed by the people around you. You will become an attractive person and you will see that your relationships and your social life will get a great impulse!