What is Motivation?

How to Boost Your Motivation & Self Confidence?

When you boost your motivation a few degrees, you can literally turn your life around. A burst of motivation can improve productivity at work, it can keep you on track to lose weight, or inspired to enrich a relationship, or enhance your financial situation.

Motivation is what keeps you going forward in life; it is the fuel that drives you to complete your objectives, it compels you to fulfil your goals, it propels you to achieve your dreams and sets you in motion to live your dream life.

Hard truth is: Without motivation you will not get too far in life.

Without motivation you will give up at the first sight of hardship, an obstacle, procrastination or simply not feeling in the mood. As you gradually boost your motivation, you will change your habits: motivation will compel you to think, ‘If I can’t, then I must.’

Having no motivation is perhaps one of the biggest reasons as to why people fail to achieve what they want in life; where they lack the motivation to take consistent action to go after what it is that they want to be, have or become.

They cannot remain motivated in the long term; the initial burst makes them feel great, enthused and full of the ‘yes, I can do it’ feeling. Yet, a short while later, the ‘yes, I can do it’ feeling dries up. The motivation has gone. The will to take action has gone. So progress stops.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

There may be occasions in your life where you have to perform tasks that you judge as unpleasant for whatever reason, such as: going to work on Mondays, finishing off boring projects or assignments, having dinner with your in-laws, go to an Opera. Doing such things tend to drain any motivation you have, and you end up feeling tired and perhaps frustrated.

Are you aware that motivation is merely a mindset?

Let me ask you: what is your motivation level right now?

How would you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 – where 1 is very low and 10 is highly motivated? Think about your rate. Why do you think that is?

Motivation is a much desired quality.

It is an essential ingredient to success and fulfilment of all sorts: get motivated to lose weight, get motivated to work a little harder to earn a promotion, get motivated to start a side business, get motivated to genuinely search for your soul mate in the appropriate places.

Or to put it another way, if you are not motivated to take action to materialise your goal or objective, be it short-term or long-term, nothing will happen. Your goal will just sit there, looking right back at you. There will be an empty, void space between you and the goal. You look at it, and it looks back at you. The distance remains as it is. In time, the goal becomes null and void.

Simple, blunt truth.

The goal will not appear all by itself; wishing or hoping for it to materialize one day, someday, is a fantasy. Action is what brings about all that you desire. And for you to take action, you must be motivated to do so. You have to be fully motivated to follow through to materialise your goal.

And your first step will be to boost your motivation. As you boost your motivation a few notches, you will change your habits; you will break free from those bad habits that have limited you, or that have kept you stuck where you’re at right now.

When you change your habits you will easily and effortlessly turn your life around. Struggle will be a thing of the past. Lack of constructive, effective and productive action will be history.

Remind yourself what it is that you want right now. A raise? The dream job? The man, the woman, the car or home of your dreams?

What do you really want? If you had all the motivation you could ever want; where taking action easily and effortlessly is the new you, what would you genuinely want?

How will want you want turn your life around?

What good will come of it?

What enjoyment and satisfaction would you get out of it?

Now expand on the enjoyment you are getting from your newly revived you: see the benefits clearly. How much has your life improved? How much has that influx of motivation changed your life for the better? Can you see it? Dwell in it. It’s yours, so bask in it.

And that’s just the beginning.

If jumping out of bed to enjoy your day, your new life, where you consistently and easily take the necessary action steps towards your dreams and aspirations, would that excite you?

Motivation is a vital and fundamental key to achieving financial success, health and fitness success, and outstanding relationships success. When you boost your motivation, you will achieve success I all areas of your life.

You can become all that you want, you can do whatever you want and you can have all that you desire. All this can be yours when you boost your level of motivation… where you become an action-oriented person.

When you boost your motivation and become an action-oriented person, you can climb up to the peak of success, happiness and fulfilment. Your new life awaits you. Change your habits and turn your life around.