What is Motivation?

What have I learned in life?

People do what they CHOOSE to do. Nobody makes or forces them – they do it because they CHOOSE to do so. If someone stays with someone even though you don’t understand why, it is because they have chosen to do so.

How to set Next Year’s Goals

Have you set any goals recently? If you haven’t, then you’re not going to get anywhere -remember the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland? Alice met the cat at a fork in the road and asked it which road she should take. The cat asked her where she wanted to go (her goal) and she said that she didn’t know. So the cat told her that any road would do.

Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

When you change the way you look at the things in your life, the things in your life that you look at will change. By changing your mind, your way of thinking, you will undoubtedly change your life.

How to Boost Your Motivation & Self Confidence?

When you boost your motivation a few degrees, you can literally turn your life around. A burst of motivation can improve productivity at work, it can keep you on track to lose weight, or inspired to enrich a relationship, or enhance your financial situation.

How To Motivate Yourself To Achieve Success

With so many varying demands on each of us and the daily grind that just about saps one of all thought of getting a guru, is it a wonder that many people give up on themselves before they even try to manage their time better?

Keep Your Tank Full – Motivational Tip

If you drive car until your gas tank is empty you run out of gas and end up on the side of the road or the middle of traffic. So in order not to run out of gas you periodically take time to stop into a gas station and fill your tank up with gas.

How To Get Motivated With An Exercise Partner

Having an exercise buddy can make it easier to stick to your exercise routine. A partner may be just what you need to stay motivated, have fun, and reach your fitness goals. Below are some points to consider for selecting the right exercise buddy so you can work together effectively.